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Tulsi Gabbard’s Presidential campaign video removed from our channel

The Olive Branch began uploading videos to YouTube in early 2019. One of our most watched videos around April of 2019 was a re-upload of Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign video for President of the United States.

In the video, Tulsi Gabbard speaks with a concerned citizen regarding the endless wars in the middle east, the military industrial complex, and the rigged primary election in 2016. The video was allegedly removed from Tulsi Gabbard’s official Twitter account without notification.

We found a copy of the video and re-uploaded it to our YouTube channel, The Olive Branch. Shortly after, the video mysteriously disappeared without a trace. No copyright strike, no email, nothing. YouTube support recommended additional security measures to prevent any possible infiltration to my channel, which have implemented.

We re-uploaded the video once again and Hector Madrigal spoke on the issue in the following live stream.

Hector Madrigal

Hector Madrigal is the founder of The Olive Branch. He strives to bring unbiased news and information to create an informed citizenry. Independent news outlets are the heart of a healthy Democracy.

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